Performance and Compatibility Testing

Compatibility Testing

Fluid & Gas Compatibility

Argen is fully equipped to study the effects application environments on materials, including sour gas and mixtures, oils, greases, brines, food and beverage products and fluids, and many other simulated operational environments. This testing often encompasses mechanical, physical, and chemical assessment or characterization of the materials in question. We can test and qualify materials to a wide variety of standards, including API, NORSOK, ISO, NACE, MIL DTL, and customer specific methods. We design and fabricate custom test fixtures as well, such as constrained aging fixtures wherein static seals are subjected to carefully designed squeeze, gland fill, wetted surface area etc. Argen experts have extensive experience in safe and rigorous testing with all manner of fluids and gases relevant to a variety of industries. From standard to quirky customized methods, we have the expertise and the facilities to get the job done quickly, safely, and correctly.