Quality, Failure, Product Analysis


Argen scientists and engineers have a wealth of instrumentation and equipment capabilities at their disposal to assist customers in various aspects of failure analysis, manufacturing troubleshooting, quality control, and other challenges. Examples include:

  • Premature failure of a downhole static seal. Questions to be answered: Did rapid gas decompression or chemical attack contribute to the failure? Was there a manufacturing or quality defect? Is it even the correct polymer? Tools applied: optical microscopy, TD-GC/MS, FTIR, DSC, specimen excising and tensile testing.
  • Customer wishes to develop a second source supplier. Questions to be answered: Is the base polymer as specified? Is the bulk composition (polymer, filler etc.) as specified? Are the finished part mechanical properties comparable to existing supplier? Is the oil resistance comparable to existing supplier? Tools applied: TGA, FTIR, specimen excising and tensile testing, fluid compatibility testing.
  • Questions to be answered: How do the mechanical properties of my finished part compare to those of the standard laboratory molded plaque? Are we applying sufficient cure time/temperature in the manufacturing process? Tools applied: DSC, specimen excising and tensile testing.

Quality, Failure, Product Analysis

Quality control testing

It is not uncommon for manufacturers to receive bad lots of raw materials which can cause down-stream problems in processing and product quality. We are a go-to lab for many companies for this type of work. We perform quality control testing for plastic processers on their incoming resin, whether virgin or recycled. We test gum polymers for gel content, antioxidants and residual volatiles. We test uncured rubber compounds that our clients receive from custom mixers to help to flag out-of-spec batches. In some circumstances we can determine if material substitutions of an alternate source or type are being made.

Quality, Failure, Product Analysis

Addressing challenges

Let us apply our tools and expertise to help you address challenges related to manufacturing, quality, and performance. We have managed technical teams that solved field problems for major companies ranging from consumer products to automotive parts to major oil & gas exploration companies.