Rapid Gas Decompression (RGD)

Rapid Gas Decompression

Under an atmosphere of high pressure gas, rubber and polymer materials absorb gases (e.g. CO2, H2S, CH4). Damage in the form of cracks or blisters can occur when the rate of decompression exceeds the ‘natural’ egress rate of the dissolved gas from within the polymer. NORSOK M710 and ISO 23926-2 are specifications that designate standard conditions to assess such RGD damage. They also define pass/fail criteria based on a comprehensive rating system for the number, length and location of cracks. Our staff and facility are fully equipped with equipment and expertise to perform RGD testing with a variety of gas and fluid/gas mixtures. We perform RGD testing per NORSOK M710, ISO 23936-2, NACE TM0192 and NACE TM0297, and custom methods.

  • Computer controlled decompression enabling rates from 3 to 4,000 psi per minute
  • A variety of standard and custom jigs and test fixtures
  • Full datalogging for complete reporting
  • Compliant test jigs and custom fixtures